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About Us

AKL Engineering is a privately owned, fully integrated engineering, procurement, and construction company that services petrochemical and chemical, refinery, pipeline, power, railway, and off-shore industries. AKL Engineering is committed to developing, designing, building and maintaining quality deliverables and products for our clients. Our engineers and their commitment assure the success of our clients by applying innovative technologies, executing with excellence, and working on schedule.

AKL Engineering focuses on building strong, long lasting client relationships and developing clients in all aspects of industry. More than 90% of our work is from repeat client, who deeply trust us that we can create powerful solutions that meet needs and exceed expectations. We believe that every project is an opportunity to develop a long-term relationship with our clients and vendors.


AKL engineering is proud of its talent pool of people. Our people are central to our success, seeking a high standard of performance and developing a strong and growing position in the competitive environment. AKL engineering is confident we have the most qualified people providing sound engineering service timely and efficiently. Our international work environment leads to a greater innovation and better solutions.

Our Culture

At AKL Engineering, not only do we have a clear purpose and mission, but our core values bleed into each employees and every interaction we have with our clients. Our core values inform everything we do, from our ongoing relationships with clients to our daily interactions with team members across the company. Our corporate culture is based on our core values. They set the standards by which individual and team performance are measured and rewarded.

Our long term success depends on working to ensure the safety of our employees and our clients. We believe that safety is of the utmost importance in the daily operations of all personnel. This objective is fundamental to the wellbeing of all people, as well as to the efficient execution of our work. We strive to provide a work environment that reduces risk to our employees and public by planning teamwork and using the proper protection equipment tools and procedures.

Quality has always been the central value of our company, both for the services that we provide to our clients and for the development of our company. We are motivated by the obligation to continuous improvement in the quality of our design and engineering services. Quality is firmly anchored in the corporate culture.

We conduct our work in accordance with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics. Whether we are troubleshooting or advising a client on a challenging project, we behave with honesty, professionalism, and the best of our knowledge. We are transparent and ethical in all our interactions with employees, clients, and vendors.

We value creativity and innovation at every level even though engineering is more conservative than other area. We believe it's important to understand the successful conventional solutions, but to question whether these solutions are always the best. We seek new design and solution to create better path. We are proud of our innovations.

We listen and communicate directly and openly. We value diversity among people, their ideas and points of view.  Respect is the path to finding the potential that exists within all people from all walks of life and from all backgrounds. By respecting and tapping into this potential, we will ensure the long-term success of our company and our clients.

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