AKL Engineering provids full engineering services to our clients. AKL Engineering understands our clients’ goals and help to achieve them with our leadership and orgnazition. Our genious engineers deliver best works in terms of function, budget, schedule, safety, and constructability. AKL Engineering services include feasibility studies, front-end engineering, detail engineering, scheduling, economic analyzing, and project management.


AKL Engineering provides comprehensive construction services to our clients. AKL Engineering can design, engineer and construct from the beginning to the end to satisfy our clients’ needs. AKL Engineering processes construction projects such as modular construction and fabrication, power control buildings, and field construction. AKL Engineering uses consistent tools, systems, and standards to safely deliver superior results even in the most chanllenging projects.


Managing the performance of facilities and buildings while maximizing profit are the core goals of plant operations. AKL Engineering provide conprehensive operation and maintenance services for all project stages from studies and FEED packagesto engineering, procurement and construction to commercial operations. Maintaining safety and reliability requires a full suite of integrated services. AKL Engineering provides all the services including safety management, site management, operation support, operation optimization, engineering, and administration.


AKL Engineering provids commissioning and start-up services to our clients, along with the trouble shooting and problem solving. AKL Engineering builds customized commissioning check list and works with our clients to determine specific needs and concerns. AKL Engineering performs piping check out, system sterility, mechanical completion auditing, electrical and instrumentation calibration and checkout, and equipment trouble shooting for commissioning services.


AKL Engineering provides consulting services to our clients evaluating the projects before millions of dollars are committed to assure our clients’ capital expenditure can achienve the desired return. AKL Engineering is excellent in economic analysis, utilities and energy master planning, land and site development, permit application, enviroment regulations, and facility planning.AKL Engineering offers out clients a braod range of management, marketing, and technical consulting ervices.


AKL Engineering provids flexible solutions and services to identify the optimal transportation services to meet our clients’ needs. AKL Engineering provides visibility and control over the network, map the most efficient routes, and help our client negotiate effectively with carriers. AKL Enginnering meets on-time requirement consistently, which is critical to our clients.